Find holiday weather with our unique reverse weather look-up.

Find Holiday Weather with the Weather Watchman Free App

Find Holiday Weather with the Weather Watchman Free App

How the Weather Watchman App finds your holiday weather, and why it’s different

It is always hot and sunny somewhere in the world, to find out whereabouts, download the Weather Watchman App:

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Just enter your desired temperature and Weather Watchman will show you the countries that match your expectations (temperature-wise). If you are looking for the sun in the winter or snow in the summer, this app is the key with our awesome weather radar, forecast tool, rain forecast and local temperature monitor.

Sort by multiple parameters

By default, results will be sorted by temperature (high to low). However, you can find countries using other parameters as well. You can sort by dry days in a year, daily/monthly rainfall quantities or average fog or snow days. These filters allow you to fine-tune your next destination based on weather parameters

Accurate weather data

On first install only, the app will connect via the Internet and load the latest local weather parameter details. This step ensures that you are always finding your next travel destination using accurate weather data, get the best weather, escape the storms, avoid the horrible rain and thunder days and find the ideal weather forecast for that next special event.

Holiday weather forecast by country

Once results are in you can tap on a country to see the weather parameter details unique to that country map (i.e. min/max temperature, daily/monthly rainfall). You’ll also see the country pinpointed on a zoom-able map for you to analyze its location. The world weather is at your fingertips .

Easy to use holiday weather forecasting tool

Our unique weather app was created with usability in mind thus it is very easy to use. With a simple interface, all you need to decide is when you want to travel and what’s your desired weather parameter, and it will show you the possible destinations. From storms to waves, to snow forecasting, Weather Watchman has you covered. Download now from the App Store or Google Play: