Weather in England

British Weather

Thanks to Dave_S for the pic

In the UK we do love our Weather. Being British we talk about it all the time, it’s in our blood. Those not hailing from the UK could be forgiven for thinking they don’t understand why us Brits always seem to complain about the weather. I mean it’s not like we have unbearable heat, deadly snow storms, twisters, hurricanes or worse. Why do we feel the need to complain so much, just because it rains a lot here? Here’s the thing, because it never really does anything of merit – it just sort of meanders around from blustery, cold and wet with occasional bursts of sunshine. Which is seemingly ever-changing. No two days are the same when it comes to British Weather.

Best time for British Weather

If you are planning on travelling to England, I’d recommend either Autumn, late September – or Spring time. “British Summer” is recognised by five or more days of sunshine in a row.  It usually ends as soon as we update our entire summer wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, it can get hot in the UK, but as the heat is so sporadic you won’t find much in the way of air conditioning. It goes back to the wardrobe thing, as soon as it’s installed it’s all over. Larger corporate businesses may employ common sense air conditioning. Smaller businesses and places like The London Tube can become a bit sticky. Which coincidentally is the cue for most Brits to start moaning again – not because it’s raining, but now because it’s too hot.

British weather is most ‘stable’ around September where we usually enjoy cooler temperatures, and rain seems to stay away. 2016 has seen one of our hottest summers yet with temperatures soaring over 30 degrees. Sounds like the perfect time to enjoy ice-creams in the park :-). Here are some great Luxury Cottages with Hot Tubs to take a Staycation in.