Where is hot in April?

The Weather in St Lucia is hot in April

If you find yourself wondering where is hot in April? We have the answers. Each month we use our app to find out where it’s hot in the world and pick our favourite place from the list of warm destinations. To find where it’s hot in April, we set our sights on a toasty 30°C or 86°F. Weather Watchman checked it’s live database and discovered eleven countries with this temperature range in April. From that list, we picked St Lucia!

Saint Lucia is located in the Eastern part of the Caribbean islands and is home to a duo of dramatically shaped mountains, the Pitons, on its western coastline. Amazing reef-diving sites, fishing villages and luxury holiday resorts can be found on St Lucia’s coast, nestling amongst the volcanic beaches. Below we have listed some of the beautiful areas to visit while you are there.

The Piton Mountains, St Lucia

Where is hot in April?

One of the famous Pitons mountains overlooks an idyllic volcanic beach in St Lucia.

The Pitons are two dramatically tapered volcanic spires on the Caribbean Island of St Lucia. The highest of the two, the Gros Piton is 771 metres high, and the smallest Petit Piton is almost as high at 743 metres in height. The Piton Mitan ridge links the two. They can be found near the town of Soufriére. The Pitons are also a World Heritage site.

The beautiful sunset in St Lucia. Thanks to suzienewshoes @ Flickr for this shot

So where else is hot in April?

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